Terms & Conditions

Geedie.com is an geek exchange and marketplace platform. The geedie.com is not a financial intermediary for sales and purchases.


The actual purchase/sale/exchange transaction takes place between the direct buyer and the seller, with both parties mutually agreeing on the most easier way of delivery and payment of the items.


  1. General terms

1.1 These terms and conditions determine the procedure and conditions of use of the geedie.com marketplace and are binding on all geedie.com  users.

1.2 Geedie.com is an marketplace, where registered users can create an individual profile to place personal videoproducts collections. The operation of the geedie.com is maintained and administered by group of individuals on free basis, hereinafter geedie.com

1.3 Commercial activities are restricted on the marketplace.

1.4 Use of the marketplace is considered to be the full consent of each user to these terms, incl. any changes made to them. Geedie.com  has the right to amend and supplement the terms at any time. Such changes shall take effect after their publication on the marketplace.

1.5 The user of the Marketplace agrees to receive information from geedie.com  about various types of current events related to the Marketplace.

1.6 The marketplace reserves the right to use the images and other information posted on the marketplace to promote the marketplace and increase its visibility.

1.7 The marketplace uses cookies to improve the quality of the content, make it easier to use and adapt it to the needs of the users. By using the Website, the user agrees to the use of cookies.

1.8 The administration of the marketplace does not and cannot take responsibility for the actions of third parties. The marketplace does not bear any responsibility for users' obligations to third parties, information published by users and goods published in advertisements.

1.9 It is forbidden to place, publish or send to users on the marketplace any uncoordinated advertising or calls and invitations that insult the honor or dignity of a person, incite violence, racial hatred or any illegal activity.


  1. Registration

2.1 Registration on the marketplace is done with the  entering username, email and password.

2.2 By registering, the user confirms that the data provided in the profile of the respective user is true.

2.3 By registering, the user undertakes to ensure that the information publicly available on the user's profile is not rude, ridiculous, does not contain data of other natural persons or uncoordinated advertising.

2.4 By registering, the user is aware that each registered user of the marketplace is obliged not to disclose his / her access data to the marketplace to other persons. If operations on the marketplace are performed with the profile of a registered user using the correct authorization access data, then it is considered that the operations on the respective profile have been performed by the registered user himself.

2.5 All personal data of users registered on the marketplace are protected in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia. The processing of this data is performed in compliance with the general principles of personal data processing specified in the legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

 2.6 The marketplace receives and stores information about the Internet browser used by the user (including IP address, cookies) and about devices (for example, device model, operating system, etc.).

2.7 By registering on the marketplace and / or using the marketplace, the user confirms that he is informed and agrees that geedie.com  has the right to transfer the data of the respective user to law enforcement authorities, if the marketplace receives a relevant request in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Latvia.

2.8 By registering, the user agrees that the marketplace administration is entitled, at its own discretion, including without prior notice, to suspend the profile of registered users of the marketplace geedie.com  and / or delete the information contained therein, if it does not comply with the terms of use, in which case to.

2.9 By registering, the user agrees that the marketplace administration is entitled to restrict the functions of the profile of registered users of the marketplace geedie.com at its own discretion, including without prior notice, if the activities performed in the profile do not comply with the terms of use, in which case no responsibility.

2.10 By registering, the user agrees that the administration of the marketplace is entitled, at its own discretion, including without prior notice, to place a public warning on the profiles of registered users of the marketplace if signs of fraud are detected.

2.11 By registering, the user agrees that the administration of the marketplace is entitled, at its own discretion, including without prior notice, to place a public warning on the profiles of registered users of the marketplace, if it is suspected that its owner is directly related to another fraudulent profile.

2.12 By registering, the user agrees that the administration of the marketplace is entitled to publish the name of the person identified in the profile, if it is considered in good faith that it is necessary to prevent or help investigate possible violations, such as fraud. The profile user will not be allowed to edit personal data.


  1. Publication of advertisements

3.1 Publication of the advertisement on the geedie.com is a free of charge.

3.2 The free ads is active 365. It then enters the ad history, where it can be renewed for the appropriate category of a free.

3.3 The placement of advertisements is permitted for private individuals, limited companies and other commercial related structures such as videoproducts shops, collectors and marketplace sellers.

3.4 It is allowed to change the content of the advertisement during the publication period.

3.5 Only one specific item can be placed in one ad.

3.6 When placing an advertisement, all fields must be filled in correctly to give an accurate picture of the product. The advertisement may be placed only in the relevant platform.

3.6 When placing an advertisement, it is mandatory to indicate the correct price of the product.

3.7 At least one photo must be attached when placing an ad. The photo must be of good quality and relevant to the content of the advertisement.

3.8 The advertisement must be drawn up and submitted in accordance with the rules:

3.8.1 the first photo must be visible only for the product, which is described in the text of the advertisement;

3.8.2 the first photo must show the real product. Images must not be from catalogs or found on the Internet;

3.8.3 the photo of the advertisement must not be a collage;

3.8.4 in the first photo of the advertisement, the product must be clearly visible on a hanger or lined / placed on a neutral background;

3.8.5 it is not allowed to place photos with another marketplace/portal or company logo on the marketplace;

3.8.6 it is not allowed to use photos with contact information or addresses;

3.9 Adding links to other advertisements, advertisements and websites in the ad text is not permitted.

3.10 By placing an advertisement, the user assumes full responsibility for the content of his placed advertisement and the truthfulness of the information.

3.11 Inappropriate ads will be moved to the appropriate section, edited, or paused.

3.12 The administration of the geedie.com has the right to edit the content of the advertisement, move or delete it without explaining the reasons for its action.

3.12 The geedie.com has the right to suspend the advertisement without prior notice if:

3.12.1 the advertisement does not comply with the rules for drawing up advertisements;

3.12.2 the product offered in the advertisement is not available ;

3.12.3 complaints have been received about the advertisement;

3.12.4 low-quality photos attached to the advertisement;

3.12.5 the advertisement contain important information, such as the authenticity of the product, defects, condition of the product, etc .;

3.12.6 more than one product is placed in the advertisement;

3.12.7 the advertisement contains several goods and each of them has its own price;

3.12.8 the advertisement includes uncoordinated advertising;

3.13 The suspended advertisement is archived and can be corrected at any time in accordance with the rules and resubmitted.

3.14 The suspended advertisement can be corrected and resubmitted 3 times. If an ad is resubmitted multiple times with violations, it will be permanently disabled.

3.15 Suspended ads may take up to 48 hours to reconsider.

3.16 Paused ads that have been resubmitted with edits and approved may have limited scope for further edits.


  1. Deals feedbacks

4.1 It is possible to leave a review about the deal concluded on the marketplace. Deals can be rated on a 5-point scale, where 1 star is "very bad" and 5 stars are "excellent".

4.2 Feedback should be left same moment after deal is marked as closed.

4.3 A negative feedback should include an explanation of the transaction and / or product. If there is no explanation, the review may be deleted.

4.4 Negative feedback about the user's non-response to emails or non-sale of the product will be deleted. Users of the marketplace are not obliged to respond to all letters, as well as the seller has the right to choose the buyer of his offered goods.


  1. Privacy Policy

5.1 These regulations describe the procedure by geedie.com, hereinafter - marketplace, processes personal data.

5.2 These terms and conditions are applicable if the user of the geedie.com uses, has used or has expressed a wish to use the services provided by marketplace, or is otherwise related to the services provided by the geedie.com, including in relations with the user.

5.3 After creating a profile, the user can enter additional information in the "My data" section, such as a description of his profile, change the profile username, etc. information and change the profile picture.

5.4 The geedie.com uses cookies. Cookies are small text files created by a website that are transmitted to the browser of a user's device when a website is visited. The browser used by the user sends the information back to the website on each subsequent visit so that the website recognizes the user and remembers the user's choices (such as user ID, language, etc.). By using the Website, the user agrees to the use of cookies.

5.5 The marketplace receives information about the devices that the user uses to access the marketplace (eg device type, operating system, web browser, IP address).

5.6 The marketplace communicates with the marketplace user using the contact information provided by the user - e-mail address.

5.7 The marketplace processes user-specified personal data and other information in order to:

5.7.1 maintain and improve the services provided by the marketplace;

5.7.2 verify the identity and prevent illegal use of profiles, as well as ensure a secure environment of the marketplace;

5.7.3 protect the interests of other users (for example, if the marketplace is used to perform illegal activities).

5.8 The marketplace offers the possibility to search for other users. Users can view the data and content of other users' profiles. Users have the ability to follow other users' profiles.

5.9 The marketplace may process non-personal information, such as the number of users of the Portal, deals history, deals quantity to improve quality of service.

5.10 The user's personal data may be transferred to third parties in accordance with the cases and in accordance with the procedures specified in regulatory enactments, for example, if the marketplace has received a request from a law enforcement authority or to report illegal activity.

5.11 The provision of personal data is a prerequisite for creating a profile and receiving services.

5.12 The user of the marketplace has the right to suspend the operation of his profile at any time by closing account. 

5.13 After closing the profile and deleting information from the profile, it is not immediately visible to other users, however, the e-mail data of the specific profile is stored in the geedie.com database, so that a new profile cannot be registered with the existing data.

5.14 When visiting the Website, the user is informed that cookies are being used. By closing this message, the user of the device confirms that he has read and agrees to the cookie information. If desired, cookies can be controlled and deleted. You can set some browsers to block cookies from being placed on your device. In this case, the user must manually adjust the settings each time he visits the geedie.com , and in addition, some services and features may not work.